TV-PG | 15 June 1983 (USA)
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    Let's face it. Blackadder is one of the best sitcoms ever put on television, with consistently excellent and brilliantly funny scripts all the way through........well, from Seasons 2-4 at least.The first Season of Blackadder, simply titled "The Black Adder", focusing on some sort of secret history where Henry Tudor was never king until later and he re-wrote history to eliminate his predecessor Richard IV (played by the legend that is Brian Blessed) from the history books, is generally regarded as the weakest season, and it is easy to see why. The show was a lot sillier back in this season, and the character of Edmund (the "Black Adder") is pretty much a snivelling, unlikable toad rather than the witty character we would see in later seasons.That said, despite the first seasons many faults, it was still entertaining, so I guess that allows me to give it at least a 6/10. But the show hasn't yet reached its classic status until Season 2.

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    Steve McLaughlin

    Season one will always be my favorite as it started an excellent series of Blackadders. The episodes improved throughout season one culminating with the Black Seal. The episodes look very dated as they didn't use sets and filmed in various locations, subsequently changed after the first season in an effort to save money. The scripts are absolutely perfect though, you can read the Black Seal and find it hilarious as it is so well written. This is also the last season as well where Baldric is the intelligent one increasingly becoming more thick as the series continues. 10/10 overall. Some of the best writing ever. Very British and clever along the lines of top comedies out of the UK. Glad the BBC kept up the series and allowed this wonderful show to continue.

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    I absolutely love Black Adder, it is hilarious, and is filled with wit and tongue-in-cheek humour. This first series is not the absolute best, but it is still worth watching, as there are so many good things about it. The production values as always are superb, the costumes are great and the sets are authentic and stay true to the time period. The opening and closing credits are a delight, and the story lines are cleverly structured. What I love most about the Black Adder is the writing, extremely witty, tongue-in-cheek and simply hilarious. And we also have great acting; Patrick Allen's sardonic narration has me in squeals of laughter, and while Tim McInnery and Tony Robinson as Percy and Baldrick are wonderful and Brian Blessed relishes his role as King Richard IV while chewing the scenery at the same time, it is Rowan Atkinson as as slimy and selfish Edmund Black Adder who steals the show. Edmund is not the most likable by all means, but Atkinson's performance is still superb. Overall, this is a great series, not the best(Black Adder Goes Forth especially was outstanding) but a fine start. 9/10 Bethany Cox

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    The start of an excellent series, this bears the marks of them not really having determined the exact tone yet. At this point, some gags and jokes are based on ridiculous and overdone stuff, such as costumes and people just being manic, yelling or talking in a goofy way. But the real core of the masterful satire and comedy of the franchise is already evident here, if less strong and with fewer memorable ones than later(particularly in the next one), including the satire, social commentary, verbal and clever material. Each of these make fun of one specific portion of Britain's history, and while occasionally bringing in a couple of other countries, the focus is always on their own. The English have a real talent for exploring their past with the helpful distance of humor making the horrible truth a lot easier to take in. This follows the first incarnation of Black Adder, a line who will work in devious and sly ways to steal what they can't earn, usually power. The plots tend to be well-written, and there are interesting twists and surprises, that mostly hold up. This is well-cast, with McInnerny and Atkinson garnering the majority of the genuine laughs. The latter sadly does his Mr. Bean thing in this, for almost the entire performance. This is relatively well-produced, though all the exterior shots and the fact that this is actually on the format of film are somewhat cheapened by the often weird, and never incredible, cinematography. The editing can be jarring, at times. Apart from that, it's fine. I recommend this to fans of this type of show, and urge anyone who enjoys what they do with words in this to watch the next three, as well. 7/10

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