| 21 June 2015 (USA)
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    I like the storyline of this show,it attract me so much

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    Thanks for the memories!

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    The thing I enjoyed most about the film is the fact that it doesn't shy away from being a super-sized-cliche;

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    What's not to love? Robots destroying other robots! Fun commentary and lots of mechanical carnage.

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    Years ago I wanted so desperately to watch Battle Bots but there is no way to catch copies of the old comedy central show.... I was so excited to learn that Battle Bots came back. Despite the fact that the talking heads are not exactly techies I actually find them entertaining especially since you can tell they genuinely get into it. The show really keeps the focus on the 2 robots that are fighting and they keep the "house hazards" to a minimum and organized in a way that a robot driver can use them for strategy but yet not be in the way. I really don't have a bad things to say about this show other than maybe I'd like to see a longer season that goes back a bracket... I was glad they did this for the second season by starting the coverage at 32 rather than 16 but I'd like to see them start the coverage maybe a little further back.... My biggest hope is that they don't start getting greedy for drama and go the way of the UK's Robot Wars where there is so much crap in the arena that the robot drivers don't have any option for strategy and we start seeing bots that aren't designed to do anything but push the opponent.

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    I witnessed the Battlebots contests and filming twice here in San Francisco when Comedy Central was doing the show. I sincerely thought that they never captured the spirit or the true violence of the event. What still doesn't come across is how large and vicious these things are, but the present show does largely capture the spirit of the event instead of trying to gloss over it with lame humor and WWE- style antics.A shout out to the the talking heads, especially Chris and Ken who show real enthusiasm for the fights. That was completely missing from the old show.One thing has happened for the better with the actual event. The pure wedge bots that did nothing but try to upend or shove their opponents around have basically been eliminated. Good riddance!!! They were deathly boring and probably the reason the old show stretched so much.A great show, nothing to offend, and a way better than the old version. Give it a try.

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    The concept of "Battlebots" is two bots battling each other in an arena, controlled remotely by their handlers.Those who survive the first round of battles are seeded into a bracket for single elimination contests.Except in the case of a knockout (when the bot is unable to respond to a ten-second countdown), three judges decide the winner of each contest. Usually the outcome is obvious because of the damage delivered.There are rules, but they are not discussed much unless they come into play. But the competitors are aware of them.The different strategies employed in the building of these bots range from flame throwers to powerful flippers, and may include mini-bots that accompany the main bots for purposes of diversion or inflicting damage.The show is a nice blend of practical engineering and gladiator-style contests.

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