Are You The One?
Are You The One?
TV-14 | 21 January 2014 (USA)
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    Too much of everything

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    Bad Acting and worse Bad Screenplay

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    Simple and well acted, it has tension enough to knot the stomach.

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    Sarita Rafferty

    There are moments that feel comical, some horrific, and some downright inspiring but the tonal shifts hardly matter as the end results come to a film that's perfect for this time.

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    "Are you the one?" is a MTV show that matches several pairs of singles and then lets them each search for their ideal partner. If they manage to find "true love" for all of them they win a certain amount of money, if not they return home with empty pockets.The show is surely not much more than cheap entertainment. You have a questionable morale, calculated scandals and a lot of egocentric participants. On the other hand they deliver what you'd expect from such a format and keep the audience entertained throughout most of the play-time. It is thus one more addition to the already big pool of entertainment shows that work through a lot of sex, drama and betrayal. However, the episodes are professionally produced and you do see that quite some money is behind the concept.All in all this is something to get your head free if you're not looking for something too intelligent. If you don't expect much and let free the very human desire to watch others, this can be a decent evening.

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    Interesting concept but the way these people play the game is just dumb. Currently I am watching the 3rd season of the show and this is the first time I have watched it. In this show there are 10 woman and 10 men looking for love and there a perfect match. Each week the men and women pair up in hopes of finding their perfect match. There is also a challenge each week where the winner and a few other couples go on a date while the rest of the house votes in who they think of the winners is the perfect match and go into the truth booth. If a team voted into the truth booth is a perfect match there essentially out of the game and get to go to the honeymoon booth. Each week they see how many of the pairings they have chosen are perfect matches by beams of light but they don't who are the perfect matches. The goal of the game is to have 10 perfect matches so that they can all share a million bucks and have 10 episodes to do this in. I have no clue if any of the past seasons or the season I am watching have everybody found their perfect match. While watching this show people hook up, think there in love and fight over the various men and women on the show. What bothers me about this show is that people don't continue a relationship once there considered not a match. I't's almost like there ignoring there feelings and go on the notion that the people who do this show know who's right for them. Just because you have to pair up with someone who is considered your match does not mean you have to be with that person. These people are idiots and I think there all desperate pathetic people to go on a TV show to find true love

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    If you are looking for a show to waste your time on then this is the one but honestly there are so many shows out there that are better on this which is sad because over half the shows out there now are dumb. Season 1 I've heard was good but only because it was new in my opinion. Season 2 was boring but the group won in the end and many believe it was because the producers gave hints. In the recent 3rd season it's been a train wreck. They only get 10 weeks to get 10 match-ups. They are on week 8 and their highest is 3. So if they do win on season 3 it was because of the producers giving hints again. These people are brain dead and you can tell a lot of the other cast members are even frustrated at others on how immature they are being. My advice is do not watch because it is the worst thing to come out from mtv besides ridiculousness with annoying rob and chanel. (copiers of tosh.o) Avoid Avoid Avoid. Unless you want to see people getting it on in every ep in season 3 of are you the one? then go for it..

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    John Doe

    Please Please Please DO NOT watch this show. This types of show ruins our country and the new generation. There is nothing you can learn from this show, only thing you can learn is how to hoe around. If you have kids, please help them and do not allow them to see this show.I feel bad for those one who is into this meaningless show. As you know only MTV plays show like this. If I was you, I was discontinue watching MTV. This Types of show is very disturbing to the society and viewers should stop watching it.I have never heard anything good from the viewers and I do not know why this show has good rating in, usually every review is accurate but this one is lacking accuracy.

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