American Idol
American Idol
TV-PG | 11 June 2002 (USA)
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    Memorable, crazy movie

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    How sad is this?

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    Good films always raise compelling questions, whether the format is fiction or documentary fact.

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    The story, direction, characters, and writing/dialogue is akin to taking a tranquilizer shot to the neck, but everything else was so well done.

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    Have not seen this in years in the uk thought they axed it . Until came across this .american X factor was a lot better than this

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    Liked up until tonight, don't get the voting for top 24, way too politically correct by "genre" and demographic- hate we didn't get to see full performance, need to spend less time on opinions of judges!!Hollywood is a rock star!!This season is so surface and dull, tired of words by each judge, bottom line they can be heartless, why even have them connect with the contestants? I love Ryan!! He has integrity and true style. I hate the genre theme this year, why even tell background stories on the contestants!

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    The review I just read was written in 2007. Since then, judges on AI have come and gone. Currently, some people are stating that the show has become about the celebrity judges rather than the contestants. When the show first debuted, few people outside of the music industry knew who Randy Jackson and Simon Cowell were. In 2013, we have four very well- known judges. Some might say that the judges are there for the paycheck, for a break from touring, trying to revive their careers, or have some other questionable motives. I personally think that the quality of singers increases every season. Bad singers are not being put through nearly as often. And while the choice of music might not be the reviewer's cup of tea, some people enjoy hearing music from the past more than listening to what is served up as acceptable music these days. It's all a matter of taste. Even someone like Chris Daughtry can only get into the top ten because so many people in America are voting for reasons other than talent or potential. But in the end, appearing on AI helped his career. The fact that people are exposed to many of the up and coming singers through shows like AI means that the shows are relevant, and will continue to be.

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    No doubt there are some really talented singers such as David Cook, Chris Daughtry and Kelly Clarkson, but others were ludicrously bad. Then there were others with annoying personalities, Tatiana I am looking at you. However, while I was addicted to it at first mainly because of the hilarious auditions, I stopped watching it after it became increasingly formulaic, tired and predictable.Simon's put downs no longer became funny, instead they became increasingly insulting, and Paula became increasingly inaudible over the screaming audience. The choreography was often under-rehearsed, the singers sometimes pick the wrong songs for their voice(a huge danger when it comes to singing), the lighting was dim, the clothes that some contestants wear either in auditions(ie. Bikini Girl and the guy in the Pink Rabbit suit) or on the live shows(ie. Carly) are either too revealing or unflattering and I am not a fan of Ryan Seacrest's presenting. Also the show is very exploitative, I know the X Factor is quite exploitative, but this brings the meaning of exploitation to a whole new level. It is not entirely the show's fault though, the media are mostly to blame too. Then there are those who don't make it through Hollywood or the live shows, they cry and say that American Idol is their life. Give me a break, I am not trying to sound insensitive, but there are many many good things you can do with your life other than go on American Idol, if you really want to sing, join a pop band, a musical theatre or opera group, you may find they are better in terms of time value.Overall, formulaic, tired and predictable, not to mention exploitative. 2/10 for the auditions. Bethany Cox

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