A Different World
A Different World
TV-PG | 24 September 1987 (USA)
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    A Masterpiece!

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    Rosie Searle

    It's the kind of movie you'll want to see a second time with someone who hasn't seen it yet, to remember what it was like to watch it for the first time.

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    It is an exhilarating, distressing, funny and profound film, with one of the more memorable film scores in years,

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    The movie really just wants to entertain people.

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    This is my favorite show ever and the description lets me down on so many levels. ADW is NOT about a struggle through college and in fact that's quite insulting to the show and what it represented. ADW was about black culture, youthful living, and knowledge and ultimately how a person can change through life. So let me reiterate, ADW was not about a struggle through college. I'm a huge fan of Bill Cosby and all of his comedic work, and this was so his best show next to the Cosby show, of course. Some episodes are eye openers, and some are just well put together stories that keep you entertained. I wish all the seasons were out on DVD, but only the first season, which I'd skip over. If you watch one episode, you won't be disappointed and you'll see that this show was much more than a "struggle" through college.

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    This show was nothing but the biggest crock of toilet waste before friends and I hate friends. Oh before I get started I am black. This show did nothing but try to teach lessons and not show us about people people making it, but black people making it. Come on now. I want to watch something that can make me laugh and in the same breath show something. This show got to serious. To serious about Race. Way to serious Oh black people this, and black people that. I thought about this, if white people had the same show talking about white people this, and white people that, it would be considered racist. True or false. I think true. The show was not informative it was irritating. Jasmine Guy's character was at least realistic cause if someone was a snob or hey they would be shunned and made fun of in a heartbeat. In a way I wish Cree Summers character would at least realize that hey I am half white so I can not just stick to being all African American cause no matter what she is half white. The writers worked my nerves with her character. They could have at least done something like how she adjusted in an all black college. Not just jumping in. That would have been something. Kadeem Hardison's character and Jasmin Guys character were the only one that at least developed. Everyone else stuck in the same rut. Oh I forgot Freddie ditched the hair and became serious. She was still a ditz. The show had a chance but no one did not take it to where it could have gone. The writers suck, the plots can go somewhere and if this was not monitored I would have been even meaner. This show gets no love.

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    This was one of the worst shows ever.A Different World was lost from the start without the Cos and his mighty sweater to save the day. Lisa Bonet is as worthless an actor as Lucas would be playing professional football. You never hear anyone ever complimenting anything other than her hair. Ooooh, girl, she's got nice hair! Uh,huh! Kadeem Hardison? The only good thing he's ever done is that Blackula Movie. Did he die in that movie? I sure hope so.I don't remember Marisa Tomei being in this show. I must have missed that episode.The only good thing about Sinbad is that he's not currently on TV. For god sakes, he's got BAD in his NAME! He's more spoiled than day old Sushi. "You ever notice how funny it is how people never know what they're gonna order at McDonalds?" No, SinBAD, I never noticed that. Why don't you elaborate.And Jasmine Guy. Jasmine, Jasmine, Jasmine. That girl is like Fran Drescher without the talent. A Different World.Now it's a Different Channel.

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    In the first season (the only one with Denise in it) the show was kinda boring and average.The plotlines were average and not really about anything, basically just Denise's everyday problems. =/ But at the end of the first season she left (thank God!) Then during the second season and beond the show was all about WHITLEY! (and I don't mind she can be VERY funny at times.) The show tackled good issues (prejudice, drugs, and more, and also everyday life at a black college.) I started watching it when I saw that my UPN had it on for an hour (4:00 to 5:00 every Monday-Friday.) And I saw a few of the later season's then they went back to the first season episodes and I saw Lisa Bonet's name on there and wasnted to check it out and I'm hooked! If they were to ever release ADW on DVD I'd definetley buy it! =D

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