30 Rock
30 Rock
TV-14 | 11 October 2006 (USA)
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    hyped garbage

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    It's entirely possible that sending the audience out feeling lousy was intentional

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    Keeley Coleman

    The thing I enjoyed most about the film is the fact that it doesn't shy away from being a super-sized-cliche;

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    Mandeep Tyson

    The acting in this movie is really good.

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    Probably the funniest show to come out of the USA besides American Dad. Liz Lemon and Jack were seriously funny characters.

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    Probably the best sitcom in the history for me. 22 minutes is enough, there is no awkward laughter in the background, yet it is really funny. How story is connected I never seen it in any other show, everything has a story and continuation. That's the thing that I like the most. Alec Baldwin is a legend, you can not hate that guy, perfect role. I'm really sad this show has ended and since this is my first review I don't get it why do I have to write 10 lines ha ha. Tina Fey is awesome, and I don't understand the acting of the Tracy Jordan, is that what they wanted to do or not, but that is the one thing I didn't like. Really sad show has ended.

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    Have Wisdom Will Travel

    Are very fun to watch...and real....and sexy.Always wanted to watch this show. And since there aren't much good TV on right now, finally got down to watching this. Or rather, binging on this. Good thing is binging on 30 Rock doesn't cause indigestion - the small packages of LOL gems have the right mix of ingredients, the right amount, the jokes are subculture-specific yet not overly-contextual nor hyper-intellectual nor didactic nor self-referenced-to-death, so one never get overwhelmed, the way a good comedy should be.Tina Fey is definitely funny and sexy and silly and deserving of all the accolades she's been receiving in recent years. Baldwin is born to be a clown, really showing his comedy chops here, far better than his role in Rock of Ages. Tracy is just LOL hilarious, supposed to be Eddie Murphy spoof, but fits the Kanya West mold as well, so still very relevant. Secondary characters are very well fleshed out and relate-able... The whole thing is well-edited and fast-paced without being too clever and dizzying.I'm super picky with committing to any TV series, and was expecting a filler, but 5 episodes in, barring radical gear shift few series down the line, pretty sure 30 Rock is going to be my main show.

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    30 Rock is a show that you either love or hate. The comedy is very subjective and has stayed true to it's own style for all 7 seasons. I initially thought it was a bit ridiculous and rather childish but then it started to grow on me. Now I officially count myself in the love category. I'm very impressed with Tiny Fey, she truly is very talented and I commend her for creating a show that is unashamed to be funny, intelligent and stupid all at the same time.Now that I am finally in the seventh season I think they made the right decision to go out on a high before the show had a chance to become too old and tired. If you still haven't watched any of the episodes then it is never too late. You may be pleasantly surprised and end up binge watching until the very last episode like I did. I highly recommend it.

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