Æon Flux
Æon Flux
TV-14 | 01 September 1991 (USA)
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    Great Film overall

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    It's entirely possible that sending the audience out feeling lousy was intentional

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    I wanted to like it more than I actually did... But much of the humor totally escaped me and I walked out only mildly impressed.

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    All of these films share one commonality, that being a kind of emotional center that humanizes a cast of monsters.

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    Seriously, I challenge the writer to come up with a plot that goes from point A to point B without making pretentious pseudo-philosophical nonsense or portraying a cartoon woman's feet in a fetishistic manner. He can't seem to do it. In a world with anatomically challenged mutant aliens that somehow manage to become humanity's next great leap in evolution, I wouldn't think it's all that difficult. In all earnestness, the aliens turning into humanity's next stage of evolution doesn't make any sense whatsoever. Humanity has had a torso for the whole of it's myriad of forms, from Chimp to Homo Erectus, it's torsos for all. I don't see how we can evolve without them. Also the episode where Aeon Flux kept on going back to the sticky table with the grey mystery ooze made no sense. How did that kid know who that baby mutated into? I couldn't identify my own kid in a photo line up up you showed me several other pictures of babies, so how does a prepubescent kid know just by a single glance? Another example, the episode where Aeon seduces an amputee for no apparent reason. Why does this amputee trust this woman? Wasn't he looking for someone else? Did he just see Aeon Flux and just decide "Oh well, good enough. Never mind the fact that my lover is trapped in prison and probably dead, I better help this stranger escape from a high security facility," Yet another of my complaints, don't worry, I'm not just gonna harp on the myriad of plot holes, is the horrendous art. The art looks like something I would have fever dreamed and the malformed, hideous, and uncanny valley residing characters emote and move roughly on the same level as a Chucky Cheese animatronics. The main complaint I have is that it talks a big, smart game, yet has all the wit and subtlety of a shovel to the knees. Simply put, if you remove the pseudo philosophy, the foot obsession, and the skimpy outfits that Aeon wears (by the way, the way she is drawn makes me want to swear off women altogether) you are left with an unintelligible and incomprehensible mess. I've had hallucinogenic benders that have made better sense.Don't watch Aeon Flux, unless you want to make fun of it mercilessly or you like reading the Marquis De Sade way too much.

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    Aeon Flux is worth watching - even repeatedly for one good reason: it is very original, unlike the multitude of films out there that are simply copies of tired genres. It DOES NOT explain everything, and a lot of it you are left to guess or imagine for yourself - but this is part of it's appeal. The cartoon series are far more intriguing and absorbing than the insipid movie that was made. Having said that, it still leaves room for many areas that could have been developed, and they certainly could make a lot more than the eleven episodes that have been made so far. It also looks at a lot of relevant issues, and philosophy that is interwoven into each storyline. There is also plenty of action.

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    Very nicely said. i know there are people who are stupid not to know what it mean. The art is just so bizarre, yet unique, and thats why its a good show. A futuristic world, cloning people, and using high-tech gadgets is definitely a good sci-fi TV series. If only they had give more episodes. You have done a very good job making this summary for all those people. I hope other people will be able to see this unique TV series and be able to share our thoughts and feelings about this weird but good TV series. How old are you, how stupid are you, how idiotic are you? Lol, I'm just making this longer so i can submit this to you, i have nothing else to say. Anyways, i just want to say how you wrote this nicely written summary. LOLOL

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    Aeon Flux is exactly what Anime is, that is it is a Japanese animated film/TV, Anime is everything from soap operas, through kids programmes, thrillers, horror and porn, I will admit that Chung's artwork style is not typical, but you can also find anime that is done in any style from standard big eyes to realistic, watercolour or flash animation.Aeon flux is a gritty tale of a future world where Chung can explain and explore the notions of humanity without constraints of reality. It is very inspired and unique.No idea about the film, the preview work and trailers incorporate the original animation so maybe they will keep true to the original style, which would be amazing, fingers crossed.Sorry for slight rant, they need a word for the type of anime people like rather than using the name of it, similar with the use of manga, the word for comic books in japan being applied only to violent anime... just makes people get the wrong idea about what it is...R.

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